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The Center for Transformational Teaching & Learning

As the need for non-traditional teaching, learning and leadership was evident, the request for a more personalized professional development was desired. Therefore, in the summer of 2016, The Center for Transformational Teaching & Learning (The Center) began its training in high impact practices in turning around low-performing schools and districts.

Since its inception, The Center, has provided a wide array of diverse training to public and private institutions in High Impact and West EDs turnaround principles with that of experts in the field of leadership training, single-gender education, gifted education in the area of cultural proficiency, corporate partnerships, culture, climate and community relationships.

Using the principles of noted authors and researchers in the field of leadership and leadership development, The Center has served religious and secular organizations across the country in the area of leadership development, and most currently assisted in framing the constructs for a newly approved faith-based learning center.

Although the focus has been mainly on teachers and educational leaders, The Center kicked off its opening with a Youth Leadership Summit, in the greater Atlanta area, with students representing urban and rural districts and leaders from across the state of Georgia, to voice concerns as well as possible solutions the current state of education in America…particularly Georgia. 

The Center over the past two years has also exposed, the importance of alternative and non-traditional education through its through its partnership with state and national organizations and work with institutions of higher education and the Juvenile Justice System. 

At its simplest, the philosophy of The Center for Transformational Teaching & Learning is that of providing continued knowledge and study in order to grow and evolve.  It is about schools, systems, teachers and leaders, organizations “thinking about thinking” of better ways we can make our workplace and its people their very best.


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